Individual Psychotherapy

What Therapy Looks Like

Therapy sessions are 50 minutes long, typically once a week.  Some choose less frequent sessions, such as biweekly or once a month, while others benefit from a more intensive approach that involves twice-weekly appointments.  A course of therapy can range anywhere from just a few sessions to several years; this depends upon each client's goals and preferences and the depth of the work.

My Approach

Some clients come to me suffering from symptoms they hope to alleviate, such as anxiety, low energy, and depression.  Others are not necessarily “symptomatic” but find themselves discontent in their relationships or work lives and hope to cultivate more rewarding connections with others and a deeper understanding of themselves.  All are seeking liberation from old patterns of behavior and negative perceptions that can limit them, sometimes in profound ways.  As a therapist I help people identify the origins of their emotional pain and recognize the habitual ways of being that no longer serve them.  I use an integrative approach, incorporating aspects of humanistic, interpersonal, and contemporary psychodynamic therapies.   

The work of therapy can help people restore, or perhaps find for the first time, a sense of peace within themselves.  In the safe and supportive space of my office, individuals explore and make sense of aspects of themselves and their lives not previously well understood.  As the work of therapy generates greater and greater self-awareness, clients learn that change is possible, that problems can be resolved, and that pain can be eased.