Couple Therapy

Therapeutic Intensives for Couples

Couples sometimes find that scheduling weekly or even biweekly sessions with a therapist is a logistical challenge, due to busy and conflicting work schedules or difficulty finding childcare.  Many couples are also seeking rapid change, hoping to restore balance in their relationship with a single immersive experience.  A unique offering for couples in either of these situations is a 3-4 hour therapeutic intensive, in which principles of EFT are utilized along with other strategies to enhance couples' satisfaction in their relationships.

My Approach

Cultivating and maintaining a committed long-term relationship characterized by intimacy and mutual respect is of central importance to most couples.  At the same time, it is no easy feat.  All couples, no matter how solid, must manage inevitable conflicts and navigate periods of strain and uncertainty.  When couples find themselves drifting apart or embroiled in conflict, therapy can help.

Unfortunately, good couple therapy is hard to find.  In most communities, and certainly in the Burlington, Vermont area, there is a shortage of therapists who have received specialized training in the treatment of marital and relationship problems.  As a highly trained couple therapist, my work is influenced strongly by Emotion-Focused Therapy, or EFT.  EFT is one of very few approaches to marital therapy that has scientific support for its efficacy; research shows that EFT brings significant improvement for a majority of distressed couples. Couples undergoing EFT learn to respond more skillfully to each other's emotional states and needs, and in so doing they repair and strengthen the bond between them.  A course of couples therapy with me is typically fairly short term, somewhere between 12 and 20 sessions.  For more information about EFT go to: